Hot Vs. Cold Cultures Workshop

Have you ever wondered about the differences between cultures around the world? Are you planning to travel and wondering what sort of social expectations there will be? What is completely normal for a hot culture that may seem strange to you? This workshop will walk you through the main differences between hot and cold cultures, which countries fall into which category, and what that means for you. This can be especially helpful if you work with others from a different culture on a regular basis. Behavior that you had previously thought rude may now make sense. The cost to join is $7, and you can pay via Paypal.

The workshop will meet at the following times-

Saturday, January 18th @ 10:00am

Monday, February 3rd @ 2:00pm

Ages 13 and up are welcome to join. Meetings are expected to run 40 minutes long. Note that the material in both workshops will be the same.

To sign up, click the link here. You will be contacted with payment instructions and the Zoom meeting password.

We had an excellent time during Global Adventure camp. We focused on four of the most important questions and answers. We also talked about some fun other themes such as directions, colors, rooms in the house, and action words. They learned how to read picture sentences and follow basic directions. We had a lot of fun. One student says she's...

Review Time


We are loving class so far, and I have heard so much positive feedback from my students. One student had to move the middle of the semester, and this is what her mom said on Facebook.

We are having a great time this semester! Middle school has learned some basic conversation techniques and vocabulary, and we have just started learning which countries have Spanish as their first language. High school is working hard and mastering sentences and conversations. We even have a few minutes of our class each week English-free. Here are...

Class Time!


We are loving our classes, and the kids have learned new words even after the first class. We started our first class by learning greetings, and now, we have moved on to the Spanish alphabet and colors. Some quotes from the kids are, "Wow! It's already been an hour?" and "I really like this game!"



Here are the syllabi for this upcoming school year. These will be emailed out to each student's family, but a copy can be found here for easy reference. Looking forward to seeing you on September 5th!