Here are some experiences and reviews of camp and classes.

Donya Clark

Survival Spanish

"All 3 of my kids took Laurels Spanish Intensive. All three were different ages and grades. Laurel was able to engage them all at their level and keeps things fun and interesting with hands on learning and conversation!"

Teresa Fitts

Survival Spanish

"My kids enjoyed Survival Spanish last January. The class was interesting and used a variety of activities and methods to help retention. Thanks, Laurel!"

Ginny Hunsberger

Survival Spanish

"My boys enjoyed Laurel's intensive last year and gained confidence in their conversational Spanish skills. Laurel made learning fun. Highly recommended."

Amber Blank

Summer Camp

"My kids attended the summer camp, Global Adventure. I was amazed at how much they learned in just one week. With no previous exposure to Spanish, they ended the week knowing common greetings, phrases, colors, numbers & more. Excellent learning experience!!"

The Frank Family

Survival Spanish

My daughter had the privilege to be in Laurel's Summer intensive class and loved it!! I never heard a complaint about going and participating at all! When I asked how she would describe the class, she said, "Challenging but fun!," "Not boring!," "Exciting," "Learned a lot in a short period of time," and "The last day the game was awesome!" Thank you Laurel for teaching this class


Tara Flores

Weekly Classes

"What a great class! My middle schooler has a blast and has learned a lot! Thanks for offering this class:)"