About Me


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Laurel Solorzano

BA in English, TEFL, five years of professional teaching experience.

Hi! My name is Laurel, and I absolutely love teaching all ages! I love building relationships with my students and getting to know them one-on-one. I also enjoy creating relevant lesson plans that will give students a chance to develop their language foundation and expand further.

Of the last five years of my life, three of them were spent in Costa Rica. I learned Spanish through immersion as well as a few grammar classes along the way to brush up on the technicalities. I used Spanish on a daily basis as I negotiated living in a foreign country, and I continue to use Spanish diurnally with my husband.

I taught in Costa Rica for two years both in classes and in tutoring situations for students ages four to fifteen. These students were learning English. Some knew it well, while others were just starting. This opportunity helped me practice classroom management techniques along with learning what is most important when teaching a new language.